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The Importance of Lighting within a room scheme

14 August 2018 by Pippa

Lighting can literally transform the mood of any room. When designing a scheme for a client, it is always one of my main considerations because even the most amazing soft furnishings can look lack-lustre and flat if the lighting is unharmonious.

Good lighting creates a feeling; it illuminates design features, fabrics and textures as well as providing a practical light source for our everyday routines. It will transform a dark, dull and uninteresting space to one which is impressive, welcoming, and well illuminated.

Various categories of lighting - general lighting, task lighting, accent lighting and mood lighting - can be cleverly used in the home to create different atmospheres according to the occasion. At Luxus we recommend lighting control systems, which we specify and install into new build properties or large multi-functional spaces, where programmed scene settings create easily controlled lighting levels for the client in each area of their home. This facility allows the client to control their lighting from sitting on their sofa using a remote control, or remotely from their iPhones whilst holidaying abroad.

Lighting as Artwork!

Feature light fittings add a statement to any room; in my opinion the more bespoke the better!

Being imaginative with lighting allows you to create something amazing, not just from the design of the fitting itself but by being clever with the light projected it is possible to create fantastic illuminated art.

Soft furnishings and Accent Lighting

If you want your home to be illuminated as impressively as a magazine shoot, then it is important to understand how lighting and soft furnishings work hand-in-hand. We can specify the most stunning, detailed or sparkly wallpapers and fabrics, but these can look flat and dull in natural light or in a room with poor lighting. For the wow effect we advise our clients to strongly consider lighting when deciding on their soft furnishing schemes. I personally enjoy the challenge of bringing these elements alive in design schemes, whether through hidden LED lighting within curtain pelmets and lambrequins, bespoke joinery, or by using wall lighting to enhance and illuminate these features.

My Do’s and Don’ts of Lighting

DO install a dimmer system in your lighting design. It allows your lighting to be responsive and renders unnecessary rows of rotary switches which are ugly and which you find yourself testing constantly to see which operates which zone.

DON’T use one single central pendant light source because it causes unflattering shadows and darkness in corners and walls. A lighting scheme is essential.

DO opt for warm white as opposed to cool white light as warm white light creates a more natural and cosy feel to a room whereas cool white light tends to be harsh, and can cause eye fatigue.

DO use wall lights and ambient low level lighting floor lamps and table lamps in rooms with low ceilings. Hanging ceiling pendants will only draw emphasis to a low ceiling and disrupt the balance of your room.

DON’T add rows or grids of recessed ceiling lights. Think about what elements of the room are to be highlighted and position lights carefully considering using tilted angled beams to cast light on soft furnishings and wallpapers. Choose white so they blend into the ceiling. The idea is that the fitting should disappear and the light cast should be the feature instead.

DO invest in bespoke lamp shades. I enjoy choosing different fabrics for linings which tie in other elements of the room and using contrasting coloured linings for shades which compliment the palette of the scheme.

DO invest in bespoke feature lighting where there are colour options for flex cords.

If you would like to discuss lighting control systems for your property or would like assistance with feature lighting within your room consultation...

DO get in touch!.

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